Interview with Expressive Human Feb, 2016

Check out my interview with Kaushal from Expressive Human (below), where I was featured as a new writer.

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Her name is Jess and she writes for WaywardOrphan

She is a kind soul and the reason I am featuring her is that she is quite new in the blogging and her writing is awesome. Also, she writes because she wants to. Blogging is not merely a fashion trend for her. I was just on my WP reader when I came across this post The Grinch that Stole Christmas- From Herself – which is very acute and aesthetically portrayed. I believe you will like her work too.

Now the Q (by me) and A (by her)

1. Your brief introduction and two things that aren’t in your about page in your blog.
I’m Jessica, a writer and psychology student. I love travelling and music.

2. What’s your life story in a paragraph?
I have had a sad life, but I have also had a very happy life in a sense. 
I was born in a loving and supportive family, who encouraged our natural talents in singing, playing instruments and acting, however also encouraged us to excel academically.My father and mother worked hard to support my siblings and I and put us through school. However, just before graduating from high school,  my mother passed away.My father continued to support us, however he never really got over my mum’s passing. My father eventually  became sick and sadly passed away just before I was due to graduate from my university degree last year. I am lucky to still have supportive family and friends, however I miss my parents very much and I write my poetry and thoughts from that place of anguish and pain, yet hope.
3. Apart from your professional or student life, what is it that you are best at?
Writing and travelling. I thought about starting a travel blog. However I found with the increasing influence of social media, travel blogging has 
become more of a “fashion statement”, rather than truly describing one’s travel experiences.  Instead, I found I could write more deeply and meaningfully about how I feel as an orphan. I also enjoy writing fictional poetry around the themes of sadness, hope and resilience, and enjoy integrating my study of psychology into my writing.

4. What makes you feel insecure about your life as a person?
Being different. Standing out from the crowd. I’m learning now though to use my differences, including the way I think and the way I am, in a positive light. I think in this era, being different is a good thing – standing out from the crowd makes you unique.

5. Which is your favorite book?


This is showing my psychology interests- The Brain that Changes itself by Norman Doidge. This book talks about how the brain can actually CHANGE ITSELF! It gives hope that even the human brain is resilient and can change and evolve, just like human nature.

6. Describe a person you hate very much and a person you love very much (you don’t need to reveal the identity of that person).
Unfortunately, there is a person I would say I dislike. I can’t hate her, because I believe hate is a waste of energy. This person is so insecure and self-centered that she has tried to bring me down on many occasions. I don’t hate her though – I feel sorry for her.
All the energy she has put in in trying to bring me down, just falls back into her own being and makes her sicker, weaker and angrier. So while I’m here doing what I love like writing, she is burning away in her own suffering.  I believe one day all those who plot and scheme against others will have all that energy returned to them – after all “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” (Newton’s Third law of Motion).
In terms of who I love- I love my parents and grandparents. They love me unconditionally, and I believe no one can love you as much as your parents do.I’m sure if I ever have children I will finally understand how my parents and grandparents felt towards me.

7. What you find attractive in the preferred sex?
Someone who is kind, considerate and sensitive, yet knows what they want and is confident, driven and motivated. Also eyes are a big thing for me-kind and deep eyes. They’re the window to the soul, after all.

8. In your journey till date, have you ever experienced harassment of any kind?
In my writing journey, no. I find people on WordPress and similar blogging websitesto be kind and supportive of one another. Including the lovely Kaushal!

9. Do you think nowadays feminism is getting unnecessarily aggressive?
Interesting that you ask that question; I’ve been having this discussion with my friends for the past few days.The original aim of feminism is the political, economic, cultural, personal and social equality of the sexes. That’s it. That men and woman are equal in all senses. I believe this can be true – that a woman can do anything she wants and a man can do anything he wants. However, what I don’t like is the badgering and the bullying of men because of this ideology. For centuries, women have been the inferior sex. I believe that creates a sense of entitlement in some women that women are actually better than men, and I believe that attitude comes in order to “atone” for the past. There is nothing inherently wrong with this sense of entitlement, as it shows the hurt and suffering women have endured over the years of being inferior. HOWEVER, it becomes an issue when it is used as a bargaining tool, a threat, or that “I deserve this more than you”. I agree that both women and men have the right to have equal rights and opportunities. But I don’t agree that women should be hammering the notion that they are better than men, and thus more powerful. I believe both sexes are equal and should be spoken of as such.

10. I give you a magic wand that can make anything possible for us. What you will do with that? 
Can I ask for more wishes times infinity? 😀 
Thanks Jess.




2 thoughts on “Interview with Expressive Human Feb, 2016

  1. Hey Jess, over to your blog straight from your interview with Kaushal on his blog. Was wonderful reading what you wrote.
    A psychology student…wow! I always loved the subject, I had a cute teacher which made it easier for me to like the subject that much more 🙂 It would be a pleasure to get to know you more Jess, you seem such a wonderful person.
    I am Savio, ‘sav’ for short from Goa, India 🙂 Do visit me at the..extra..aaamile 🙂 that’s where I blog from.


    • Hey Sav, thanks for visiting my blog and enjoying the interview! It’s been very humbling receiving such positive feedback. Haha, yes a cute teacher would make it more interesting :P. I will check out your blog. Nice hearing from you Sav 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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