I’m an orphan

What of it?


10 thoughts on “I’m an orphan

    • Hi Kaushal,
      Thank you for visiting! Glad you like my blog. It is really nice to hear positive feedback on my writing. This sounds great. How would you like me to contact you regarding this?
      Many thanks for the opportunity 🙂

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  1. I’ve never liked people call themselves as orphans, I mean technically you would be correct. We are all loving children of our Heavenly Father, that way we always have someone who loves us and cares of us and someone we can call our own.
    So, NO Orphan Jess 🙂 Okay?

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  2. Hello there, I have a question for you. When you tell someone you’re an orphan, how would you like them to respond? Conversely, how would you not want them to respond? I’m just curious, because I’m not sure what the most helpful response would be in the above scenario.

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    • Hi Josh, thanks for your comment. I guess it differs between people, but for me just some acknowledgement like “that must be tough” is sufficient. I definitely don’t want people to say “oh you poor thing”, or feel sorry for me. I began this blog to share the experience of being an orphan and to express my feelings. Mostly I began this blog so I could try to make sense of a tragic situation. And it’s helping 🙂 thank you for your comment

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  3. As you know, my mother was orphaned at the age of four. She had no frame of reference as to how to be a parent. I work with a close friend who found OrphansFirst.org and am passionate about doing all I can to help orphans. It’s not an easy road. I empathize with you and am looking forward to reading your blog.

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